I offer psychotherapy and coaching services for individuals and couples in the Bay Area.

I offer psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, couples and kids in the Bay Area.

Maybe something in your life doesn’t feel good- or it doesn’t feel quite right.  Maybe you aren’t feeling completely met in your relationship or have difficulty with intimacy.  Common reasons why individuals might come in to see me include:

Anxiety and Unhappiness

One of my areas of specialty is anxiety and depressive feelings. I enjoy helping individuals explore what’s happening for them in their anxiety and how to feel more safe and secure. I also support individuals in learning how to feel relaxed and happy without relying on substances or food (although these can be helpful coping mechanisms as well).

Help figuring things out

It can be really difficult to figure out issues around your life path by yourself (or even with the help of friends).  Many people struggle with how to engage with their career in a way that feels meaningful and fun and also develop hobbies that they enjoy.  I appreciate supporting you in this inquiry of what’s important to you and how to do it.

Help with family life

Many parents struggle with feeling that they don’t have the relationships they really want to with their children. Or, they feel overwhelmed by the stressors of parenting and find themselves feeling frustrated or not acting like their best selves. While I don’t work with situations involving active domestic violence, I hold a non-judgmental space in supporting parents. I help parents develop coping mechanisms to manage their emotions and feel better.


Sometimes there is a deep bond between partners but there are issues in the relationship.  One of the most common difficulties couples face is the experience of promised change from a partner but lack of follow through.  I help couples be direct and honest with each other about their boundaries and what they are willing to try or commit to.  By doing this, we can shift a cycle that leads to resentment or distancing. 


If you have had difficulty with self expression and shame we might be a good fit to work together. I work with clients using different modes of expression such as art, vocalizations, movement, play, drama therapy, brief writing exercises and more. While these exercises can occasionally be challenging, they are usually fun and very liberating. When we get our voices back, we heal easily.

What is a session like?

Each session is 55 minutes long.  In general, we will explore 1-2 topics each session and combine this exploration with information and reflection about present events in your life.   I help you track and clarify what you’re working on and your progress.  I’ll bring my observations and thoughts during the session forward to you directly.  

​Before becoming a therapist, I worked with people’s bodies focusing on health, movement and awareness.  In my graduate training, I studied Gestalt therapy and Internal Family Systems.  Because of this, I am oriented towards the present moment and physical sensation when working with you.  I believe slowing down and noticing what’s happening on a subtle level is important.  The body provides a lot of information about what is going on, and anxieties, dissociation, and other responses that come up during sessions frequently provide the most valuable healing.  

“Alison has done so much for me over the past few months, it has been life changing! She is truly a gem! We have worked together on how to make positive changes in my life so that I can grow and learn from all of life’s difficult challenges both past and present. I am very grateful for her ability to get to the root of the issues at hand while making me more aware of how I can move forward with suggesting practical solutions that I can use every day so I can begin to heal and grow!  She is a great listener of the body and mind; she not only listens verbally but also what your body is needing physically. She has a calm demeanor, makes you feel comfortable, and helps with accomplishing goals, she really knows how to help you with making life feel overall more purposeful! ” – former client