Alison Little, MFT.

My style as a therapist is warm, direct and curious. Each relationship I form with a client is unique. One of my strengths as a therapist is in helping clients clarify what is going on for them. I’ve found that simply having less confusion and more clarity can be really healing. From this point, it is easier to decide how you want to approach your situation.

I am very interested in creative expression as a means to help empower parts of the self that have been shut down by abuse, misogyny, racism, classism etc. When working together, we might explore movement, awareness of the environment we are in, vocalization, dramatization techniques, breath work, writing/drawing/artwork and other ways of working with the psyche.

Additionally, I am a big believer in bringing goal setting and methods of measuring progress into therapy. Through these check-ins, I can work with clients to understand what’s helping and what isn’t.

On a personal level, I have a strong connection to nature and the outdoors.  I especially appreciate the coastside in the Bay Area as well as the mountains and Tahoe.  I am an animal and coffee lover.   I am a member of the LGBTQ community and am committed to antiracism work. 

How I work:
  • option of nature based/outdoor sessions
  • creative exploration to work with anxiety in unexpected ways
  • dramatization and expressive arts techniques
  • goal setting and checkins around progress