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Nature and expressive arts oriented therapy for fun, growth and healing.

Telemedicine and outdoor sessions currently available.

Therapy & Coaching

I enjoy working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds who are interested in self growth.  Common reasons people might come in to therapy include:

  • difficulty with anxiety or persistent sadness
  • eating disorders and body dysmorphia
  • lack of personal satisfaction or sense of meaning
  • histories of abuse
  • uncertainty about the future (wanting clarification about what direction to move in)
  • difficulty in relationships (codependence, “stuckness” in relationships, discomfort with intimacy)
  • help exploring a passion or creative pursuit
  • support through a stressful or especially difficult time


Nature is a great tool for support and healing. We can explore how connecting or reconnecting to the natural world can help you.

Learn about me

My style as a therapist is warm, direct and curious. Each relationship I form with a client is special and unique. One of my strengths as a therapist is in helping clients clarify and distill what is going on for them.

New to therapy?

Here are some things to consider when you’re just starting out.

Working with anxiety:

Anxiety is difficult to live with. Here are some strategies to help.

Feeling good about yourself:

How to support yourself in feeling happy and proud of yourself.

Alison Little Psychotherapy & Coaching

Body-based and relational psychotherapy in Noe Valley and Pacifica.

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